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Blogger Services - Events

Events/Parties - Whether it is a large scale giveaway event, twitter party, or a blogger/brand conference, we will ensure the highest impact with every campaign.  We plan to create the most exciting and interactive events possible!

Hosting Events/Parties Online
     Giveaway Events 
     Exclusive access to have Make Our Own Network plan, prepare, and actively promote your giveaway event.
     We can run from a week to a month long, pick prize winners randomly, and collect all shipping info as well as demographics for the participants if requested.

Access to Twitter Parties
Exclusive access to Brand and other Blogger twitter parties.

Giveaway Events 
Exclusive access to Brand and other Blogger Event Opportunities.

Access to Blogger Sponsorships and Ambassador Programs
Exclusive access to Brand Ambassador Opportunitites and possible sponsorship's for different conferences and events.

*All payments, products, and other forms of compensation, rewards, and prizes are to be provided by the brands.  Make Our Own Network is only providing the service of connecting the two and is not responsible if the brand does not follow through with agreed upon commitments