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Brand Service - Consulting

Consulting - The Make Our Own Network can help connect you with the right bloggers for your needs.  Each member of our team is qualified and dedicated to providing support to each companies we work with.

Surveys and Focus Group Services
Our team of bloggers are available to answer questions and full length surveys you might have a need for.
We can plan, prepare, and execute a survey for you based on your demographic needs.

Building Brand Ambassador Programs 
Our team of bloggers are available to advise on appropriate blogger guidelines, terms, and policies.
Based on very specific guidelines, questions, demographics, requirements, etc., we can help connect you with a list of bloggers and even help with the selection process.

Search Engine Optimization and Link Placements
Our team of bloggers research if needed and advise on appropriate SEO and post link placements.

**Please contact us if your desired service is not listed or to build you a personalized package to suit your specific goals